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Name:[ don't make me high five your face]
Birthdate:Mar 24
Location:Washington, United States of America

» i ama twenty-something isfp female currently living in southwest washington, after traveling 6000mi+ to find myself. what i've discovered is: i can tolerate my immediate family members only one at a time, i prefer not to live with other people, and i've gained a lot of confidence around other people in general. i spend most of my days text roleplaying, daydreaming & procrastinating. i am current attending college full-time for a BA in english with a minor in creative writing, and shortly after attaining it i plan to go back for my masters in library science. wish me luck ♥.

my journal is completely "friends only" and that's not about to change. however, i will friend you if i know you from a game or otherwise. i'm a private person, and typically a loner-by-choice. if you think you can deal with my opinions and whatnot, feel free to friend, and i may friend you back. mood theme is a modified version of [info]meg_tdj's. i put in the effort to mod it, so please credit if you attempt to steal.

music is my passion; if i'm not making it, i've got itunes running. i am pro choice, egalitarian, diagnosed with fibromyalgia, neopagan and a registered voter.

» authors:charles de lint, john green, jk rowling, gayle greeno, terry pratchett, davida wills hurwin, louis rennison, alice hoffman, terry brooks, michael thomas ford (aka) isobel bird, midori snyder, david clement-davies, lewis carroll.
» tv/movies:house md, heroes, supernatural, pushing daisies, doctor who, the office, secret diary of a call girl, wonderfalls, firefly, good eats, mystery science theatre 3000, sifl and olly, children of men, 28 days & 28 weeks later, rent, take the lead, the girl next door, polly, hook, peter pan, x-men trilogy, starwars anthology, practical magic, moulin rouge, ws's: romeo & juliet, tristian + isolde, v for vendetta, harry potter (anthology), boondock saints, donnie darko, serenity, fracture, memoirs of a geisha, the notebook, the lord of the rings trilogy, the nightmare before christmas, the goonies, white oleander, sliding doors, my neighbor totoro, batman begins, newsies, swing kids, princess mononoke, i am legend, almost famous, saved!, the butterfly effect, et al.

» music:spring awakening obc, a fine frenzy, vienna teng, catherine feeny, bree sharp, iron & wine, emily haines, fiona apple, mat kearney, värttinä, relient k, paramore, gavin degraw, mike doughty, soul coughing, louis prima, billie holiday, coldplay, imogen heap, joshua radin, the killers, keren ann, madeline peyroux, muse, panic! at the disco, rachael yamagata, sugarcult, toby lightman, et al.; genres: world music, showtunes, instrumentals, soundtracks, mixes, covers.

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{ wear }

Interests (146):

a softer world, abusing capslock, accents, acoustic guitar, adventures, almost famous, anti-harry/draco, anything celtic, bailey tzuke, beaches, being a misanthrope, being an icon whore, being made of awesome, bisexuality, blue, candles, cannon beach, cats, cds, celtic music, chocolate, chrono cross, cinema, classic rock, comedy, cooking, copperbadge, drawing on things, dvds, fan fiction, fanmixes, fantasy, final fantasy, firefly, folk music, food, funny hats, gifts, ginger ale, guilty pleasures, hating skinny girls, hedgecraft, herbalism, heroes, hook, hot showers, house md, i know right?, independence, instant messaging, james/lily, karaoke, kitchen witchcraft, kittens, kurt halsey, lavender, learning stuff, libraries, lily evans, lily/james, lily/remus, literature, lounging around, making icons, making music, making out, milo/hayden, moulin rouge, mp3s, music, musical theater, musicals, mwpp, my altar, my cat, my fucking great friends, my ships're actually true, mystery science theatre 3000, nerdfighters, no u ☞, not being rushed, not deleting fanfic communities, not deleting fanfic journals, not raping canon, not wincest, old school harry potter, oregon, owning stuff, paganism, panentheism, panic at the disco, pasta, pennywhistles, phone calls, photography, photoshop, piano music, procrastinating, purple, rain sometimes, random movement, rare pairings, ravenclaw, reading, really good coffee, recipes, redheads, remus lupin, remus/lily, remus/tonks, river tam, road trips, rock music, role playing, role-playing, rozen maiden, rpg, sam_storyteller, shiny objects, silver jewelry, singing, sleeping, souseiseki, southwest washington, spirituality > religion, spn, spring awakening, stars and moons, straight marauders, summer, supernatural, swimming, swing music, tasteful smut(!!!), tattoos, tea, time lord rock, video games, vienna teng, watching movies, water, wishbook, wishlists, wistful interior decorating, writing, wtfistan
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