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You know the drill.

comment to be added, and all that jazz.

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*chucks stuff at you*

Add me goof.

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Yes ma'am ;)

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*smiles slightly* i get to read too, yes?
if not... ohwell. i heart you anyways *hugs*

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You know I love you, babe.

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Hi I have a question:
how did you get your community in LJ spotlight? I went to the userinfo page for spotlight and I filled out the guidelines and sent it to the e-mail address on the LJ spotlight userinfo page but it sent the e-mail back to me saying "unknown address" or something like that. I would really appreciate it if you could tell me.

Thank you!

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Well they contacted us, so... sorry, don't have any advice. Good luck, though!

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thanks anyway!!


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Thought I would add you:)

Re: hey

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miss coren ... pretty girl that i lost somewhere along the way. its ariele ... i used to be skinfolds. add? <3

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Oh dearheart! It's been a long time, how are you? *+adds*

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i am well :) how are you my dear? its good to be back in touch!

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I followed the yellow brick road... <3

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Confused ???

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add me, contact me,
from one gypsy to another
lost your #

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LJ is not letting me leave a message for you, but I have your Dreamwidth code.


Have fun!

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Thanks, doll. :)

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Hey Sweets,
It's Dez. Add me please!

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Add me? The userinfo ( explains everything.

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Thanks, but no. You might want to look into [ profile] poor_skill, though! That'll get you more peeps!

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Or actually, [ profile] poor_skills. My bad.

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I come here not to friend you, but to ask permission to steal your primary icon. To whom should I give credit if it is not your own?

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No idea! :D Say something about threadless, at the very least; they're the one who created the design.

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Added yoouu. Hope you don't mind~
Was lurking over at ontd_spnparty and saws a couple of your comments. Figured we could relate over sucky parents and the greatness that is Supernatural. :D?


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I saw over on audreyii's journal that you are making a podcast for her story, and I totally want to download it. Where can I find it?


Re: Podfic

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Hiya :D

There is a link at the bottom of each of her posts, but for easy grabbination I provide the following links:

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Add me please?

Wanted to send you a message about maybe helping with the podfic for FOtS and MOtE... and of course much love for the chapters that are done, which rock, BTW.

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hey! you don't accept PMs, but thank you for letting me know about the SPNP post!

i'll fix it as soon as I can!

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Haa! Yes, that's to do with the fact that I kept getting bot spammed. Catchya on the flippyflap!